Nizhnekamskneftekhim selects Basell's Spherilene PE technology for a new 230 KT plant that will produce LLDPE and HDPE

Dec 10, 2004

December 10, 2004 Nizhnekamskneftekhim has selected Basell’s latest generation Spherilene polyethylene technology for a new 230 KT per year plant that will produce linear low density and high density polyethylene. The plant is to be built in Nizhnekamsk, Republicof Tatarstan, Russia, with start-up planned for 2007.


“The new generation Spherilene gas phase process is based on a simplified design that reduces capital and operating costs,” said Just Jansz, president of Basell’s Technology Business. “Product capability has also been expanded with the use of Basell’s new Avant catalysts.”


Seven PE plants based on the original Spherilene technology have been licensed world-wide; these plants have a total annual capacity of 1.4 million tonnes. “The Spherilene process uses the same catalyst family for all grades, making it a true ‘swing’ process between LLDPE and HDPE production,” Jansz said. “With the new generation Spherilene process, the entire range of polyethylene products can be produced, including bimodal HDPE for film and pipe applications.”


The Nizhnekamskneftekhim license agreement is the first granted for the new generation Spherilene technology and is the eighth license overall signed by Basell in Russia; these licenses represent a combined annual capacity of 1.4 million tonnes of polyethylene and polypropylene.


In addition to the Spherilene process, Basell licenses the following process technologies:


  1. – polypropylene process for production of homopolymers, random and heterophasic copolymers.
  2. – next generation polypropylene technology based on new multi-zone reactor technology.
  3. - low-pressure slurry process for the production of bimodal HDPE.
  4. G – fluidised bed gas phase process for the production of HDPE and MDPE.
  5. T – high pressure tubular reactor process for the production of LDPE and EVA copolymers.


Basell also produces and commercialises advanced catalyst systems that are sold under the Avant trade name.


Basell is the world's largest producer of polypropylene and advanced polyolefin products, a leading supplier of polyethylene and catalysts, and a global leader in the development and licensing of polypropylene and polyethylene processes. Basell, together with its joint ventures, has manufacturing facilities around the world and sells products in more than 120 countries. Additional information about Basell is available at


For more information, contact either Chantal Sohm (+ 33 1 55 51 21 19 or [email protected]) or Nick Nagurny (+1 215 682 7090 or [email protected]) of Basell Corporate Communications.

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